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What is the meaning of arrant? Here 6 definitions and 2 example sentences available for the word arrant.

Meaning of arrant
Utter; complete (with a negative sense).

Definitions of arrant


1. Utter; complete (with a negative sense).
arrant nonsense! 1708Thomas Bennet, ''A Brief History of the Joint Use of Recompos'd Set Forms of wich is annexed a Discourse of the Gost of Prayer], [ p. 187]
2. without qualification
3. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
an arrant fool
a complete coward
a consummate fool
a double-dyed villain
gross negligence
a perfect idiot
pure folly
what a sodding mess
stark staring mad
a thorough nuisance
a thoroughgoing villain
utter nonsense
the unadulterated truth
4. Notoriously or preeminently bad; thorough or downright, in a bad sense; shameless; unmitigated; as, an arrant rogue or coward.
5. Thorough or downright, in a good sense.

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